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Healthy Change

While We Have Proven Tools to Help You Effect Change, We Customize Our Approach with Each Client To Ensure Our Work is Successful

We Start with Structure. We believe healthy businesses have a solid business structure. So we start the change process by helping you shore up your existing structure. We will help you make minor changes, more significant changes or start afresh in the following areas: 


Vision, Mission & Values. We get together with you and your team to work through a proven process that helps you modify or craft your vision, your mission and your values, so they collectively establish and communicate why and how you will operate your business as you grow. 

Strategic Business Plan. We gather with you and your team members to modify or build your strategic business plan (Roadmap for Success). When complete, it will contain key components, action steps and ownership that will enable you to achieve your vision. Some of the key components include: effective and detailed sales, marketing, product, operational, team and financial strategies.

Quarterly, Annual & Multi-Year ObjectivesWe help you establish company, leader and team member objectives, drawn from the action steps in your business plan. These objectives enable you to convert your

business plan into a reality on a quarterly and annual basis. 

Communication. In order to ensure everyone on your team knows your vision, mission, values, your plans for the future and their objectives, you need to communicate effectively. We partner with you to create a plan for initial communication, sharing progress and communicating necessary additions and changes along the way.


Measure Success. If you want to ensure you are making good progress on your objectives, you need a scorecard that captures and reports on your progress. We help you build your scorecard with the key people, sales, processes, profit and other metrics you need to capture, so you know if you are meeting or exceeding your objectives on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Accountability & Recognition. Your plans will only become a reality if you hold yourself and your team accountable for achieving results and recognize and reward successes along the way. We will help you install systems that drive accountability, recognition and rewards throughout all aspects your business. 

We Get Specific.  

In addition to broader structural changes, we will also help you make key changes to the people, process, product, profit and customer experience aspects of your business. We break the change processes down into action steps, create a a schedule with due dates and owners, we execute on the schedule and we conduct status checks weekly. Some of the changes we will help you make include:


Hire the Right People. Install a recruiting system that enables you to hire team members who are committed to helping you realize your vision mission and values. 

Right Roles. Establish and get your team members in the right roles. Make changes as needed. Leverage the Working Genius of your team members. 

​Culture. Change your culture so it breathes people matter, confidence building, accountability, recognition, development, retention, performance and balance.  


Process Improvement. Create a culture of improvement with recognition and rewards for new ideas.

Leverage Data. Capture the right data and use it to drive sales, revenue growth, accountability and execution.

Difficult Conversations. Help you get comfortable having difficult conversations, to drive accountability and issue resolution.

Technology. Deploy technology to automate processes that drive efficiency, reduce labor costs and improve morale.


Product Mix. Adjust the mix by reviewing each product & service by sales, profitability and expansion opportunity. 

Innovation. Create an R & D and innovation culture that does not fear failure and incentivizes new ideas.

Pricing Strategy. Develop a creative and dynamic strategy with thoughtful incentives that drive revenue growth.

Marketing.  Create multi-channel strategies that drive new business, repeat business and grow revenue


Margin.  Evaluate all products & services to identify opportunities for expansion and need for adjustments. 

Metrics. Produce data & create insightful financial reports that inform on the past, present and help predict the future.

Budget. Install a process that creates clarity and enables you to execute on your business plan and objectives. 

Capital/Cash. Leverage technology to give you the ability to see current and predict future cash flow and capital needs.

Customer Experience.

Consistently Excellent. Make the standard clear, train  regularly, provide timely feedback and reward excellence.

Honest Feedback. Get it through client surveys, review of ratings, complaint response and customer outreach.

Assign Owner.  Train a leader to own customer experience and use feedback to ensure continuous improvement

Reward Loyalty. Install a customer loyalty reward and recognition program that promotes repeat business. 

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