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Check Ups & Check Ins

Healthy Businesses Get & Stay Healthy By Doing Regular Check Ups Into Their People. Processes. Products. Profit & Customer Experience 

We believe the best way to determine the health of your business is to ask insightful questions that get us below the surface. We start with an initial check up and go deeper from there. 

Free Initial

Business Health 

Check Up

We conduct a 45 minute check up with a 15 minute debrief. We ask key questions that give us a clear look into the health of your business. If you are healthy, we congratulate you on a job well done. If we find opportunities for improvement and change, we candidly share them, and you decide to partner with us on a Deeper Dive Check Up or tackle the improvements and change on your own. 



Deeper Dive Check Up 


We conduct a 1/2-day to multi-day deeper dive into the key areas we identified during our initial check up.  We ask in depth questions that enable us to identify deeper issues and uncover your concerns, ideas, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. These insights help us recommend ways you can leverage your opportunities and make healthy changes to areas of improvement. They also enable us to advise you to adjust your existing business operating system or install a healthy business operating system, that is woven through all aspects of your people, process, products, profit and customer experience. In the end you decide either to engage us to help you make changes or you tackle the changes on your own

Check Ins

Once we have completed a Deeper Dive Check Up with you, whether you engage us to help you bring about change or choose an alternative course, we will check in with you quarterly and annually to help gauge your progress in achieving health in all aspects of your business. We will also send you ideas for enhancing business health on a monthly basis.

What We Check

Vision.Mission.Values. Are They In Place, Owned and Lived Out by Entire Team, Integral In The Hiring Process, Woven Through How, Why & What You Do, Do They Drive Growth, Profit, Objectives & Accountability


People. Leadership Team, Recruiting, Values Alignment, Candor, Recognition, Confidence Building, Culture, Retention, Succession, Incentive Compensation, Engagement, Diversity, Balance, Development​


Process.Data Utilization, Scorecard, Difficult Conversations, Issue Resolution, Process Improvement, Sales Efficiency, Meetings, Tech Systems, Risk Management, Infrastructure, Vision, Willingness to Fail

Product. Mix, Innovation, Customer Feedback,

Pricing Strategy, Development, Channels, Marketing, Branding, Markets, Appeal, Protection, Delivery, Packaging, Supply Chain, Discounting, Reputation

Profit. Margin By Product, Financial Reporting, Key Metrics, Cash Flow, Customer Value, Financing, Sunk Costs, Receivables, Internal Controls, Capital Structure, Expense Management, Growth Triggers, Vendors

Customer Experience. Consistency, Continuous Improvement, Retention, Repeat Purchases, Dedicated Owner, Honest Feedback, Rewarding Loyalty, Team Member Training, Reward Exceptional Experiences 

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