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Healthy Coaching

Sometimes You Need a Coach When You Don't Have Enough Time, Don't Have All the Answers Or You Can't Be Everything to Everybody 

We will Challenge & Encourage You


Are you delegating and empowering your team? 

Are you having difficult conversations and holding your team accountable?


Are you developing current and future leaders?


Are you staying true to your vision, values and mission?


Are you driving innovation and continual improvement? 

Are you winning with your team?


Do you have balance in your life?

Are you continually gaining new knowledge and ideas?


Who & HOw We Coach 


Individual &

Aspiring Leaders.Your leaders and aspiring leaders who need help leading change, delegating, developing team members, having difficult conversations, holding others accountable, thinking critically, setting objectives, resolving issues or simply need direction. 

Leadership Teams.We will coach your entire leadership team, a group of new leaders, leaders who struggle with change or any other combination of leaders who need coaching. We will provide coaching on a wide variety of topics, including those listed above, any specific areas you define for us or in areas we recommend after working with your team. 


Initial Consultation. Whether we are coaching you or your entire leadership team, we start by having you share your current situation and needs. Then we give an assessment that gives both of us insights. We ask clarifying questions, agree on a coaching plan and on an initial coaching engagement duration.

If we are coaching your individual team members, we follow the same steps, but add an initial "get to know you consult" with the individual team member, we share our observations with you and then agree on a the duration for the initial coaching engagement. 

Meet With Focus.To help set our agenda for each meeting, we ask you to complete and submit a coaching check in before the meeting. The check in tells us how you are feeling, the progress you have made on agreed upon action items, successes you are celebrating and issues you are facing. During the meetings we address all the items on your check in, provide guidance, encourage you, challenge you and give you additional action steps to complete in advance of our next meeting. 

Encourage Follow Through.

Throughout our coaching engagement we will encourage and challenge you to execute on the actions steps we agree upon. We will provide regular updates to your direct leader, with progress details, actions steps you have committed to and completed and actions steps that remain to be completed.

Stay In Touch.When our coaching engagement ends we won't just leave you on your own. We will check in periodically to gauge your progress, encourage you and if requested, re-engage to help you get back on track. 

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